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Technology Proz, Inc. (TPI), Fairfield County’s Home Automation expert, provides comprehensive solutions that take advantage of the latest technologies to make life easier and provide security for our Clients.  Smart Home Systems from TPI range from automated lighting to security to audio video systems.  Our audio video installation services include surround sound systems in mixed-use rooms, media rooms and custom home theaters. Our custom home electronics literally bring your home to life.

Smart Home Control Systems

Smart Home control systems from TPI are the ultimate convenience.  They allow you to control your home easily and reliably using attractive and intuitive controls.  Imagine pressing one button when you retire for the evening and having your audio, video, security, climate and lighting systems all go to the "Good Night" state.  For those items that you just want to happen every day (for example, closing the west shades on sunny afternoons), Technology Proz home automation is the solution.  At TPI, you can depend on us to create unique home control systems that are tailored to your specific requirements.  Systems from Technology Proz include automated climate and lighting solutions that can adapt themselves to the seasons.

Start Enjoying Absolute Power Today

Home automation systems not only make life more convenient for home owners, they can turn an otherwise average home into a showplace.  Smart home systems cost less than you think.  You owe it to yourself to explore what we have to offer or call one of our representatives and learn more about what a unique home automation system can do for you.

Home Theater Installation

As a Fairfield County audio video installer, we deliver the professional “big-screen” experience to you with a custom home theater, allowing your family to enjoy this theater experience from the comfort of home. As a leading audio video installer, we can completely customize your home theater experience based on the space available and your personal preferences.  Home automation puts the finishing touch on any custom theater, making it incredibly easy to use.



Imagine controlling all the technology in your home from a touchscreen remote on your coffee table!

Making your home smarter and your life easier